How did I become part of the Super Smash Brother's Community?

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Hello! I am a designer and content creator in the Smash Community.

My Smash tag is Tiny, but everybody just calls me “Syd”. I am the Art Director for 2GGaming, a tournament organization which is located in Socal. BUT! I live in Norcal.

Then how did I become a part of 2GG?

I moved to Socal for college in 2016 & I liked Smash! So I attended tourneys, which Socal was saturated with. I had absolutely no friends in Socal at first, so this was a really good way for me to make friends. The first tourney I attended was 2GG False Saga back at the old venue before Esports Arena. From then, I never missed a Saga (except ARMS) for the past 3 years. After I graduated college in 2018, I moved back to Norcal.


They never had a designer, so Champ (the owner of 2GG) commissioned me to make designs & illustrations for their tourneys such as: Zero Saga, Civil War, Nairo Saga. I wasn’t very good at graphic design when I was first commissioned, but over time as an Art student & an independent learner, I worked hard to become better. Eventually in 2017 after 2GG Civil War, Champ hired me into 2GGaming as their designer.

Smash Sisters

I ALSO am a Smash Sisters Lead & Designer! Our organization was founded by Lillian (Milktea) and Emily Sun. We run side event crew battles at major tournaments for Women in the community! The co founders were more focused on Melee, so I helped fulfill a core role of creating a space for Ultimate, which became a newer community with more growth opportunities.

"Crazy Yoshi Lady"

You would think I'm known for my art on Twitter, right? Ugh no, after some research, it seems that I am known more as a yoshi enthusiast. During Smash Con 2019, I went on stream behind AmSa (a Melee yoshi main) with my laughing yoshi sign & the SmashCon twitter posted a semi-viral tweet calling me "crazy yoshi lady." Not necessarily a title I advertise myself as, BUT I think it’s hella funny so I go with it. I also have a Yoshi Discord named Yoshi Village. Through this discord, I've created a welcoming environment for a group of people with one thing in common. I plan group pictures, keep in touch with people around the world, and host WiFi tournaments. (example: All of the yoshi mains I've met always tend to be very caring & genuine people. I love them all dearly.


I gained a good amount of my followers from being a memer on stream & making funny videos with top personalities on twitter. This is good for me because it's a good way to express my goofy personality in a funny way while also doing so for others. A reason I make these videos is because fans tend to start idolizing top players and personalities so much that they forget that they're totally normal people too. With the short videos I make, I am able to capture their playful personalities off stream where they normally act more professional and reserved. The trick is to make quick videos, because no one really has time to watch more than 2 minutes , let's be real.

Nintendo Minute Feature

This community has also given me a chance to make professional connections such as the opportunity to be featured on Nintendo Minute with Kit and Krysta! I got the chance to play Ultimate with Victoria (aka VikkiKitty) before it released!

If you're looking for a way to join the smash community, get involved. Go to your locals. Volunteer. Make your own tournament. Play friendlies. Make connections, talk to people & see who you get along with the most! Take advantage of the beautiful community Smash has given us.

Smash is a huge part of my life as it has allowed me to make genuine, meaningful connections with people all over the world. I am still in awe about how I can visit different regions of the world and have friends to welcome me there that I've already met in person at tournaments. So here's to Sakurai. Thank you for creating Super Smash Brothers. The game that gave joy to me & my family from Nintendo 64 all the way to Ultimate. The game that taught me that "it's not just a game." The game that has connected me to regions across the entire world. The game that has shaped my life to what it is now. :)